Starting Again…


I realised recently that it will be one year since I wrote my first post on this blog in a couple of weeks time.

As a result, I decided to take some time to have a good think about what it was that I wanted to achieve both for this blog and for myself (this is a diary after all) during my second blogging year.  So I created a new mood board for the blog.

When I first started, it was a place to share my learnings. The focus was on understanding design principles, styles and learning to analyse a room to understand why it worked. I also used it as a basis for inspiration. The past year was focused on THEORY.

As I progress into my second year of blogging, I want to continue on the course of sharing my learnings, but I also want to start DOING. 

You can only learn so much by reading a book and taking notes. As in life, you need to experience things and invariably make mistakes to learn the important lessons. So moving into the next year, my focus on the blog and my life will be about EXPERIENCE.

I am taking the plunge from learning about design to bringing a design into the real world. It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating and it’s darn right scary. It feels like I’m starting my life again, except this time I’m building a life around design rather than a corporate career.

I hope you will join me on the next phase of my foray into becoming an Interior Designer.


p.s. A new schedule will be in place starting next week, posts will come out Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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