LDF 2013 Lecture Series – In conversation with Jeremiah Goodman

We are enjoying the most wonderful Indian summer over here in London. It’s been absolutely lovely with blue sky and warmish weather. So, I was glad that I got to spend some of it outdoors meeting up with blogger friends, Lauren, Erin & Monika. How was your weekend?

In a way, I feel that I’ve saved the best post for last in the London Design Festival lecture series. The talk titled “Nicky Halsam in conversation with Jeremiah Goodman” was the last seminar of the day and programme at Decorex.

I must admit that I wasn’t going to stay for it. It had been a long day and I was keen to get back on the bus and avoid the peak hour traffic. I had no idea who Jeremiah Goodman was and besides, what was I going to learn from an illustrator? But something in me decided to stay.

And I was so glad that I did. You see, I didn’t learn anything related to interior design, in fact I didn’t take any notes at all, but I got to listen to and see a legend in interior design illustration talk about his life’s work. And it was wonderful.

Jeremiah Goodman was born in 1922, that would make him 91 years old this year. He has been illustrating interiors for seven decades and has featured in many major publications like The New York Times, House & Garden and Interior Design. He has captured the interiors of many famous people from Nancy Reagan to Cecil Beaton. Below are some of his pieces that represent the following rooms: Leonard Stanley’s Bedroom, Greta Garbo’s NYC Sitting Room, Carlos De Beistegul’s Parisian Dining Room, Claude Guidi’s Buenos Aires Living Room & Harry Samuel’s Country Living Room.






Let me tell you, the images don’t do his work justice. I was in awe as I sat and listened to him comment on each of his works while they flashed up on the big screen with little anecdotes of the owners and their homes. It was truely inspiring and a moment that I will not forget too soon. Jeremiah has released a book of his works which you can purchase here. I hope you have a most inspiring day I’ll be back on Thursday. xD

Image Source: Dean Rhys Morgan


8 responses to “LDF 2013 Lecture Series – In conversation with Jeremiah Goodman

  • gudyh

    This is just wonderful, Doris. I believe it is good to attend conferences of all kind, at the end, it’s all about creativity no matter what field it comes from.

  • owls house london.

    wonderful, wonderful stuff.. his work is just mesmerising, i could look at it for hours. thank you so much for sharing it, doris. i agree with gudy – inspiration in creativity comes from all around, and it’s often from unexpected sources. i hope you guys had a great catch-up at the weekend!x

  • tina

    I’m so glad you stayed and I do hope that this has shown you, as Gudyh mentioned, that ALL creative fields can contribute to your understanding of interior design.

    What an absolute treat. I would have LOVED to be there!! I believe you when you say that seeing the illustrations on a big screen would have so much more impact.

    His illustrations are so alive, truly stunning.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Glad you had a nice bloggers meet up. x

  • susan colebourne

    i can’t even begin to imagine being able to draw like that! what a joy it would be to whip that up for a client!

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