How to create a perfect treehouse…

Last month we took a long deserved break and decided to go away for some rest and relaxation. Having decided to try our hand at glamping this year (we wanted a bit of luxury this time) I started to do some research on possible camp sites. It was during my search that I came across a little treehouse for rent and thought how fun it would be to stay in one.

La Palombiere is a treehouse nestled between a vineyard and an old oak forest on the estate of Chateau Lestange which is located 12km from Bordeaux, France.

Made out of red cedar and douglas fir, the treehouse has 2 levels. The first level houses a double canopy bed, shower room and toilet, the second or loft is a spare bedroom for the kids at night and a reading/tv room during the day.

The interior is rustic in style and it was the details used that pulled the space together. The re-purposing of old timber to create a console table with rusted iron legs, the use of branches to create a chandelier and wall lights and using door knobs from the historic chateau located on the estate creates a cohesive, warm and stylish scheme. It was an inspiration to be in such a well thought out and original interior. So here are some tips on how to create the perfect treehouse…






Little J didn’t want to leave ‘his’ treehouse and had a lot of fun running around in the vines. Staying here has prompted us to look for more interesting accomodations while on holiday. Have you stayed in any interesting accomodation while away? I’d love to hear about it. I hope enjoy the rest of the week. See you on the weekend. xD

Image Source: Photography by Doris Lee


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