Photography for Bloggers Workshop


Today I’m going to take a slight diversion from the normal interior chatter and talk about the photography workshop I attended over the weekend. You see, I’ve been wanting to take my own photo’s for the blog for a while now and found that when I attempted to, they never came out right.

I know I’m never going to be a photographer at a professional level so I didn’t want to go on a course that gave me all the technical information on how to fiddle about with a million buttons. All I wanted was some tips on how to take a good shot. So when I heard about the workshop run by Emily Quinton from The Startup Wife I jumped at the chance to attend and I wasn’t disappointed.

I am a firm believer that the surrounding environment affects your capacity to learn. So when I arrived at the industrial style office of Makeshift Studio’s on a dreary Saturday morning, I was already inspired. Think exposed brick, worn concrete floors, double height ceilings and large industrial steel windows.


In fact, I was so taken with all the different surface texures of the building that most of the photo’s I took for the practical exercises incorporated either the floor or the walls! If you get a chance to attend her workshop I highly recommend it.

Here are some tips that I learnt …

  • Make sure you develop a photo style that is your own.
  • Always think about the light and where it’s coming from. If taking photo’s in your home, think about when the best times would be to take them by observing where the light comes from over the course of the day.
  • When taking a photograph of a subject, move around and take shots from different angles.
  • Sometimes a picture may not be working because of the direction the light is in, getting the right shot could be a matter of slightly moving yourself or the object you are taking.
  • When taking a photo, use the rule of thirds theory.
  • Try not to use red as it’s a difficult colour to photograph.
  • And finally… practise taking photographs everyday, you will get better with time and practice.



Let me finish off by saying that there were many colourful props and bright flowers to choose from, however I found myself wanting to take pictures of the concrete floor rather than the props. Do you think it was the interior designer in me? If you’re interested in attending Emily’s lovely course, you can take a look here. xD

Image Source: Photography by Doris Lee


10 responses to “Photography for Bloggers Workshop

  • Lena

    Great that you had the chance to take that course and that you share what you learned. I really like that first photo because you used the background to play with the props.
    I felt the same in the beginning of my blogging journey – I wanted to take my own pictures but wasn’t happy with the results and intimidated by all the great photos on other blogs. I never thought of myself as a good photographer and was surprised that with a lot of practice I got better and better at it (still learning, of course) I think looking and analysing photos you like helps a lot, too.

  • L'Essenziale

    Thank you, Doris for useful tips – in fact, photography is one of the things I always struggle with, and I am even thinking to take short courses. This article is really helpful, thank you!

  • secretgardenhome

    Hi Doris, Great tips. Thank you.

    By the way, I love photo 1 and 3. You can do it girl:)))xx

  • tina @ colourliving

    How great you ventured out to take some pics with the lovely Emily.

    Ha. Not surprised you liked the ‘darker side’ of things… suits you anyhow.
    Your pics are great Doris. Keep doing it. You will get better and better and gain confidence.

    A friend last year gave me some tips and it changed my view on taking photographs. I’m an eternal student at it but as you know I practice quite regularly:-))

    Oh, btw, I’m chuckling to myself. It’s rare I have to double comment on here. You obviously are ahead of me:-)

    Happy weekend lovely xx

  • geraldine@littlebigbell

    Hi Doris, a lovely sum up. I would love to attend Emily’s next course. she is a wonderful photographer. Your photos are really lovely too. xx

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