Note to self…


Self doubt is one of those feelings that has the capacity to cripple you and stop you in your tracks. The longer you do something, the better you become and the more confidence you gain in your ability.

Changing my career from IT to Interior Design is like starting my 20s (which was a very very long time ago) all over again. Yes it’s exciting and new, however I am also finding myself in more and more situations that are pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and as a result in constant doubt.  There many times when I doubt whether I should be doing this at all. I mean, it would be so much easier to just go out, get a job and do what I know rather than follow my passion right?

The journey has been somewhat bumpy, but I am happy to tell that over the last couple of weeks I hit a smooth patch of road that has given me the motivation and inclination to keep going.

I recently came across a couple of situations that gave me the feeling that I was on the right path and a sign that it’s all going to work out.

I was visiting a friend who has been slowly making changes to her house. She had invited me over to help her choose from some tile samples for a kitchen renovation. When I arrived, it was with great joy that I found that little suggestions (made off the cuff) I had made during previous visits had been implemented and looked wonderful. It was delightful to see the vision I had turn into real life and looking so great.

In the second situation, I was dealing with a salesman in a tile warehouse. I had made suggestions to a new “client” (friend I’m helping out actually) on the sort of tiles, size and patterns they should use to fit in with the style they were trying to achieve in their new bathroom. I was somewhat gratified when the salesman provided exactly the same suggestions without my prompting or involvement. It gave me the confidence and understanding that I do know what I’m talking about despite the doubts I have in my head.

So why am I writing this? Well I figured that with many more challenging situations to come during this transitionary period in my life, I figured I should take the time to reflect on the positives. I know the road will get bumpier as I move from theory into experience. But it’s the little highs that keep you going.

So I write this to anyone that has, is or about to face a challenging journey or a bump in the road of life, try to remember and appreciate the little high’s because it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with the self doubt swimming in your head. And that if you are following your passion, no matter how hard it seems, you are on the right track.

Have a lovely week. xD

Image Source: Julie De Waroquier


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