Bathrooms with Texture


Earlier in the year I talked about how I was asked to help a friend design 2 bathrooms – you can read it here. We are now in the thick of it and in the process of interviewing builders and so far the process has been eye opening, inspiring and lots of fun. So to say that I constantly have taps, basins & tiles on my mind is an understatement of late.

As you can imagine, I have looked at a gazillion images of bathrooms so that I can get idea’s and inspiration to incorporate into the design. Although the bathrooms I am designing are very contemporary, I am finding more and more that my eye is drawn to bathrooms that are layered with texture. The more layers, the better. Exposed brick & concrete are materials that aren’t necessarily the first choice for the average homeowner, however the effect they create within a small space such as a bathroom is stunning.

Here are some idea’s…





So what do you think? Do you like texture in bathrooms? I’d love to know. Have a lovely week. The next post will be on Saturday. xD

Image Source: Title – Ryan Ford Photography, 1 –, 2 –, 3 – Unknown, 4 – via


15 responses to “Bathrooms with Texture

  • Lauren

    I love textures anywhere! It adds interest to the room! My favorite of these is the last photo! I think the combination of stone and wood with the white crisp walls is beautiful! Have fun with your project! Looking forward to hearing about the process! Have a great day! Xoxo

  • Wolves in London

    Beautiful bathrooms! We’re just about to have some major renovation work on our house, including a brand new bathroom, so it was great to see this right now… I really love the tiles on the floor of the shell chandelier bathroom too. (Perhaps because we’ve just ordered some similar ones!)

  • alisonsye

    Would be happy with any one of those bathrooms.

  • cyndi

    I like the first and last examples – the combination of smooth and rough rustic textures is an aesthetic that I’m loving right now!

  • Lena

    I agree! The bathroom is the perfect place to play around with textured walls, I think. Plus: I hate sterile looking bathrooms, and the texture creates a cosy atmosphere.

  • gudyh

    I don’t like too modern bathrooms either. But the combinations of contemporary furniture with textured walls and flooring is very appealing. I have never thought about it, honestly. Would love to see the end result of your project.

  • tina

    Texture and Layers in Bathrooms is so cool and quite hard to pull off in contemporary spaces. Of course, the first thing you see in Abigail Ahern’s Bathroom is that huge chandelier and that gorgeous huge Chandelier.

    Love the images you’ve selected and no 2 & 3 are my fav.
    I always wanted a Wet Room but never considered concrete on one wall and tiles elsewhere. I suppose was always thinking about the showerhead and the fact I can get it all wet without worrying:-)

    Good Luck with the project and I look forward to hearing more xx

    • interiornovice

      Hi Tina, Yes Abigail’s bathroom is lovely, though it’s quite a large space so can pull it off and it does give that WOW factor. I have always wanted a wet room also, we have plans to build one in a few years time so I’ll be really looking forward to that one. I love concrete especially contemporary furniture that has been made with it. Thanks for your best wishes. I’ll be sure to show the results when it’s done. xD

  • tina

    Opps meant to say: The first thing you see in AA’s Bathroom is that huge Chandelier and that gorgeous free standing Bathtub xx

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