V&A Talk: Tricia Guild – On Colour


I was very excited to have recently attended an evening talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum with one of the UK’s best-known Interior Designers Tricia Guild. She is the founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild and is known world wide for her bold and colourful fabric and wallpaper collections as well as a large range of home interior products.

Tricia Guild started Designers Guild in 1970, when as a decorator was unable to find any fabrics that suited her purpose so created her own instead. Since then, Designers Guild is a world wide leading brand  and Tricia has been awarded many accolades including an OBE. To add to this impressive list, she has written fifteen books. That’s right one, five!

She is truly an inspiration to anyone in the design profession and here are some notes I took from the evening which was a conversation about Colour and her new book titled Colour Deconstructed. She was interviewed by Susan Crewe, Editor of House and Garden Magazine.

  • Though her designs are colourful, the colours are always mixed in with a neutral base like black or white.
  • When creating an interior, play with the scale of the prints and patterns, ie mix large prints with small to create contrast.
  • Texture is very important with choosing a fabric.
  • When deciding on what colour you want in your home, create your own mood boards.
  • Educate yourself about your own colour sense, every one has a different idea on what colours respond to them.
  • Linen and Velvet are an unlikely but brilliant fabric combinations.
  • When designing a scheme, choose a dominating neutral colour and then accessorise with pops of bold colour.
  • White is probably the most difficult colour to use in an interior because there are so many different shades of white, so be careful.
  • Go with one thing that you like such as a fabric or pattern and use that as a starting point to the design of your interior. Then take the colours and shapes and work that into other aspects of the scheme.
  • Interior Design is all about the feeling, it’s not prescriptive, I don’t follow rules.

Tricia Guild is clearly passionate about colour and pattern. It was interesting to hear that all of the patterns designed in her studio are hand drawn or painted first before they are replicated and that a lot of her inspiration is taken from photographs that she has taken over the years during her travels as well as nature (she’s a keen gardener).

I have to admit that some of her work is a little on the flowery side for me personally, but I can appreciate the talent and the beauty of her designs and patterns. While having a look through her design portfolio however, I was drawn especially to her Ombre wallpaper which is part of the Saraille Collection which is also featured in her new book.




What is your take on colour in an interior? Do you go bold and like it bright, or are you inclined towards a more understated palette in your home? I’d love to know.

Be sure to tune in on Saturday where I will announce the winners of the Seal Design Studio prints give away. Till next time. xD

Image source: Designers Guild Blog



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