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How to create a hotel interior at home


Good morning, I hope you are well. Over the weekend I went to Stockholm to attend the Meet the Bloggers convention. As I mentioned in my last post, I was a little nervous about the whole thing as it was a new experience and I’d never been to anything like it before. So now I have to report back that I shouldn’t have worried. I’ve never met such a lovely bunch of people. Everyone was genuinely supportive and I learnt so much that I felt like my brain was going to burst.

Stockholm is a most beautiful city and although I have visited the city before with my family, this time I was able to visit the city with a more directed design view. I was naive in thinking that the Scandinavians have a very distinct aesthetic ie minimal with a strong tie with nature. I had assumed that the hotel we were staying at would be representative of this. So I was both surprised and delighted when I arrived to discover that the Scandic Grand Central Hotel was in fact an eclectic restoration by architecture firm Koncept of a property built in 1885. Their intention was to create an interior that would feel like it always existed. The core elements of the interiors were based around Music, playfulness, photography and creativity.

As I was walking through the hotel, I started wondering whether it would be possible to recreate the style of the interior at home.  So I put together some notes on how this could be possibly achieved within the reception, kitchen and bedroom of a home. The results are below:


  • Use a restricted colour palette to create harmony.  The orange pillows and stripe on the sheets create a pop of colour and focal point, the surrounding area then mellows, but still uses variations of the orange ie citrus orange in the typography picture to the camel brown in the curtains
  • Create a unique headboard by using wall panelling. The panelling is then painted out in the same colour as the wall so as not to be too intrusive on the scheme.
  • Use lighting to highlight artwork and create flexibility.


  • Use beautiful tiling on the floor to create a stunning feature.
  • Hang industrial lights over a kitchen island or dining table to create a focal point. Note: the size of the lights mimic the size of the pattern on the floor.
  • Don’t be afraid to use black in the ceiling and furniture. It makes the other colours in the room more vibrant.

And finally….


So what do you think? Do you like the scheme? Would you have any of the elements in your home? I’d love to know. Have a lovely Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow for inspiration Wednesday. xD

Image Source: Scandic Grand Central Hotel


Breaking it Down


Today we are going to break down an Eclectic Dining room that has been designed by Daniel Beauchemin and Marc de Laat. I came across this room while surfing through the Elle Decor site while researching for a project on sitting rooms but this picture grabbed me instantly. So I felt that I couldn’t leave it alone without trying to work out why the room was so appealing.


  1. The floor to ceiling curtains show off the extra height of the ceiling however their subtle colour allows them to blend into the background while enhancing the view of the garden.
  2. The bright colours in both the Julian Schnabel and Damien Hirst prints are similar creating harmony in the room
  3. The contemporary nature of the prints bring a casual feel to an other wise formal room
  4. The 18th Century table and empire style chairs bring an understated warmth to the room
  5. The black and white checkered floor echos the squares in the windows.

Is there anything about the room that speaks to you? Do you like it? I hope you have a lovely day. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source – Elle

Round Dining Tables

I was recently asked for some advice from a friend who was extending the back of her house and in turn replacing her old kitchen. The extension was an open plan space that would incorporate an informal lounge, kitchen and dining. She already had a formal dining room and wanted to have another smaller table in the extension to use on a daily basis. I was asked what sort of table would I go for. My immediate inclination was to go for a round table. It’s the versatility of a round dining table that makes it work so well in an informal space. You can squeeze extra people around if you need, it’s perfect for small spaces and they can add an extra dimension to a space that may be angular and boxy such as a kitchen. Be sure to add some drama to the table by hanging a fabulous pendant above it, it will create a feature of the table. Below are some images that I have picked up over time. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got them. If you recognise any of the pictures, please let me know and I will ensure I update the post with the correct source. That’s all for now. Have a nice Thursday. xD

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