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A room with a view…


Every week I need some inspiration to get me through to the weekend. Today, I’m going to stick with the coastal theme and post this lovely veranda corner by the beach. I can so imagine having my breakfast there while watching the sun come up. Can you?

No post tomorrow, bit behind my tight study schedule and have to crack on. Enjoy your weekend and let’s all hope for those in London the rain stops. xD

Image Source: Coastal Living


A room with a view…


Today I have my head firmly on study. I am determined to get my next set of projects handed in before the summer holidays arrive,  so I really need to be sitting at that desk and working away while being inspired by a view of Umbria in a lovingly renovated Italian home. The only problem is that I’d probably spend all my time staring out the window as opposed to actually getting any work done. Ah well, it’s still inspiring.

Have a lovely day. xD

Image Source: Unknown

A Room with a view…


Every week I post an image of a room with a fabulous view to keep us all motivated until the weekend. When I came across this wonderful image, I instantly felt happy and warm. The beautiful citrus wall just sings while the lady in the image looks out onto the tropical rainforest. Are you as inspired as I am?

Have a lovely day, till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Condenast Tumblr

A room with a view…


Like I said yesterday, the weather has not been behaving itself this week. And it’s usually in the middle of the week that I start needing some inspiration to get me through to the weekend.

So today I really want to escape to somewhere exotic and warm. This image was taken from a hotel room in India. I love the blue hue of the buildings taken at dusk. How wonderful it would be to bask in that light.  Can you smell the spices in the air? xD

Image Source:

A room with a view…



Every week I post an image of a room with a fabulous view to keep us all motivated until the weekend. Today I thought I’d keep with the New York theme and show a sensational view which is a backdrop for some to die for summer shoes. This is inspiring in 2 ways, the view of the city itself is wonderful but also, the summer shoes remind me that the weather where I can wear those shoes is just around the corner. Have a lovely day. xD

Image Source: Unknown (if you know the source, please let me know and I’ll update).

A room with a view…


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will have noticed that yesterday (being Wednesday) there was no Room with a View post. That’s because I have decided to post this on a Thursday instead.

So today, I thought I would keep with the living wall theme and post this image of a lovely kitchen that looks out into a little courtyard that has a green wall of loveliness. This image appeals to me because there would be nothing nicer than to wake up and walk out into that lovely area with a cup of coffee and my favourite interiors magazine before the start of a hectic day. Can you picture it?

We’ve been very lucky and blessed with some lovely weather over the last couple of days. So for those in London, let’s hope it continues and if you’re not, then I hope you have a wonderful day anyway. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: House Beautiful

A room with a view…


I know, I know… this is the third post that I’ve featured a beach in as many weeks! But seriously, the weather over here in London is just playing a joke on us surely. Blue sky but when you step outside cold cold cold! Sincere apologies to those in warmer climes, I hope that you go out and enjoy the sunshine that you have, you lucky things.

I am in desperate need of some warmer weather so the image of the patio of this mexican beach retreat designed by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects is going to keep me warm until the weather improves.

Do you wish you were here too? Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source –Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects via Houzz

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