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Guest bedroom decision time…


So the house is a mess, and I’m not talking about the standard mess like piles of things here and there. I am talking about, a dining table that is not being used for eating but rather holding my drawing board with piles of paper every where, a toddlers bedroom that is being used for storage rather than to sleep because Little J has abandoned it for a couple of reasons, a) it’s cooler to camp out on a mattress in the kitchen floor with mum and dad and b) he has no bed because mum thought that selling his old cot bed would take a couple of weeks but instead it went in 2 hours. That’s right 2 HOURS! What was I thinking? and we have a bathroom that’s being used as a playroom, because the only thing to do in this heat is to play with water. Yikes!

So in amongst all the chaos that will resolve itself by next weekend (that’s when the new bed that arrived on Monday in numerous boxes will be built) and a cool change is coming (I can feel it),  I am starting to think about my plans for the guest bedroom. I wrote about being undecided about whether to go for a dark or light interior here and here.

After careful consideration, I have opted to go for a light interior.  There were 2 factors that led to this decision. The first was the image above. It just spoke to me and evokes the feel that I wanted the room to have. And secondly, I have a very limited budget and will be re-using furniture within the house to accomodate the needs of the room.

So based on this I created a mood board to reflect the look and feel of the room I intend to create.


What do you think?

Have a lovely week. xD

Image Source: pinterest.com



Dealing with a low ceiling

When you walk into our house, the front door leads directly into a large reception with an 11 foot ceiling and as you progress towards the back of the house the ceiling lowers dramatically (by at least 3 ft) and becomes our kitchen and dining space. Although there is a significant drop, you don’t actually feel it. Here’s why:

  • we have a large panel of glass which acts as a skylight in the kitchen that makes the space feel unrestricted
  • the glass sliding doors at the back of the house reach all the way to the ceiling giving the illusion of height
  • the ceiling is painted in white and is lighter than the floors which not only reflects light but provides the illusion of a higher ceiling
  • the kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling and draws the eye up
  • the lighting in the kitchen is integrated into the cabinets and we have no pendants hanging from the ceiling (hanging pendants will focus the eye on the ceiling height)
  • the art in the dining room is hung high towards the ceiling to again draw the eye up

All of these factors have contributed towards creating the illusion that the height of the ceiling is in fact taller than it really is. A couple of other things you could also do are:

  • use vertical stripes to draw the eye upwards
  • use low furniture to make the room feel taller
  • use window treatments that go from floor to ceiling to help create the illusion of height

I hope this has helped anyone trying to design for a room with a low ceiling as it can be a tough one to get right. Have a lovely Thursday. I’ll be back tomorrow for Friday 5s. xD

Image Source – nytimes.com and nsmbl.nl

How NOT to paint a room

Being parents with a toddler, it’s difficult to actually do any large diy projects. Living in London, we use every room in the house and there is no space for us to leave anything potentially dangerous like paint, chemicals or tools  for an extended period of time. This means that we need to rely on contractors to do the work for us. They come in, charge a ton a money, do the work and take their tools with them.

So when we decided to repaint our bedrooms upstairs that’s what we did. The rooms were overtaken with very unsuitable wall paper; think blousy flowers and neon pink shoes. Not our style. Anyway, we thought we’d try and save money and asked the painter to strip the wall paper and only repaint the walls. We chose a suitably neutral and child friendly colour – Dulux Jasmine White and then asked him to proceed. All was well, until the paint went up on the walls! Yikes! The colour of the walls suddenly stood out glaringly at me, fresh and lovely while the ceiling, skirting and window frames suddenly looked dated and had been painted with a pink hue. They were not friends. In the end, we had to repaint everything costing us double the amount of the original quote. So the moral of the story is, when you repaint a room, do the whole thing! Trust me, it will save you so much time and money in the end. I just hope someone can learn something from my rookie mistake. How about you? Any interior mistakes you’d like to share?

The images below are from Design Sponge except the unfinshed rooms actually look good unlike my rooms. Till tomorrow…

Rugs as Wall Art

A few years ago, Big J and I spent a lovely Easter weekend in Marrakesh. It’s a wonderfully exotic city and the souks or markets are full of vibrant colour and the intense smell of spices. We fell in love with a beautiful traditional Berber rug which we lugged home with us on the flight and it sat happily on the floor of our bedroom for several years. When we moved house, the style of our home was entirely different and I’ve been moving it around from room to room in an effort to try to find the right place for it. Nothing worked. Then one day the epiphany happened. Why not put it on the wall? The idea didn’t go down well initially with Big J, but after some convincing, we went ahead and tried it this weekend. So, with a couple of screws we put the rug above our bed and it hangs as part art and part headboard. I have to admit that it just changed the feel of the bedroom which was feeling a bit stark and even Big J admitted that it looks really cool. So I had to ask myself why?

The reason is because texture will always make a home feel warmer. A wall hanging rug will create a focal point through pattern, texture and colour. It helps to make a space more cosy and on a more practical note, can help with insulation and noise. We are very happy with this trial and our bedroom now feels more complete. Perhaps it’s something you can try at home? That’s all for today enjoy your Monday!

Image Source – Covent Garden, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy and Desire to Inspire

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